NeuroHub - HBHL - UK Biobank Acknowledgements

This section contains the acknowledgement text that must be included in any research publications, presentations, conference materials or other communications, using one or both of the following statements, as appropriate.

How to use:

  1. If the NeuroHub portal was used exclusively, please include statements from (1).
  2. If data from the UK Biobank allocation (UKBiobank Application 45551: Mechanistic modelling of neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity and neurodegeneration), was utilized/accessed via NeuroHub portal and/or Compute Canada, please include statements from both (1) and (2).

(1) NeuroHub - HBHL Acknowledgement

This research used the NeuroHub infrastructure and was undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, awarded through the Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives initiative at McGill University / Cette recherche a utilisé l'infrastructure NeuroHub, et été menée grâce, en partie, au soutien financier du Fonds d’excellence en recherche Apogée Canada, décerné à l’initiative Cerveau en santé, vie en santé à l'Université McGill.

This research was enabled in part by support provided by Calcul Québec and Compute Canada. / Il a été possible de réaliser cette recherche en partie grâce au soutien fourni par Calcul Québec et Calcul Canada.

(2) UK Biobank Access through NeuroHub Acknowledgement

This research has been conducted using the UK Biobank Resource under Application Number 45551. / Cette recherche a été menée grâce aux données de la "UK Biobank" numéro de dossier 45551.